Philip Dunn

Philip Dunn - Self Portrait, 1965
Self Portrait, 1965 (Gouache on strawboard)

In early 1964 he got a place at Twickenham College of Technology (Graphics Art Department), from where he soon transferred to Hornsey College of Art. There he was persuaded to drop all ideas of being practical to undertake a painting degree course, the non-vocational nature of which still eludes him, as he never has had any ambition to be an amateur.

Despite all efforts, he could not be cured of his chronic addiction to painting and, as the college collapsed in a storm of student unrest in 1968, he was certified and returned to the community.

Twickenham College of Technology (Graphic Art Department) 1964
Hornsey College of Art 1964-68 [Dip. A.D. Fine Art (painting) 1968]