Philip Dunn

Philip Dunn - Self Portrait, 1973
Self Portrait, 1973 (Gouache on board)

Philip saw teaching as a means to an end, rather than an end in itself - the end being his means. But, before embarking on a one-year post-grad Art Teacher's Certificate course in Brighton, he inured himself against inevitable and vehement rejection and dragged his hopelessly copious portfolio towards the most prestigious galleries London had to offer.

At the first, (Roland, Browse and Delbanco in Cork Street, Mayfair) the directors chose the very pictures that had, the year before, caused him to be abandoned by his Personal Tutor, who happening by at that very moment to collect his own unsold work, agreed their choice to be the best by one of his finest students ever!

Brighton College of Art 1968-69 [Art Teacher's Certificate 1969]
Exhibited at Roland, Browse and Delbanco, London 1968-69
and provisionally in Richmond and Kingston-upon-Thames as well as Brighton.