Philip Dunn

Carole White and Philip Dunn get married, 1 July 1978
Carole and Philip get married, 1 July 1978

Although he had been married before, Philip met his match with Carole and he had found and fallen in love with deckchairs and so had his public.

During the following few years, Philip's paint became thinner and so did his wallet. Searching for outlets for his paintings of Brighton in Brighton itself, he found only unscrupulous rogues. But four Writs later, with his money and his use of colour finally under some sort of control and, with the help of his wife, Carole, and his best man, Mike, Window Gallery was conceived and born in 1982.

Exhibited at St. Anne's House, Lewes 1976 (one-man show)
Vonda's Gallery, London 1977-78 (one-mans show 1977)
James Rushton Fine Art, Brighton 1977-78
Axis Gallery, Brighton 1977-80 (one-man shows annually)
Brillig Art Centre, Bath 1979 (one-man show)
Midton Gallery, London 1981 (one-man show)
Seen Gallery, London 1980-82 (New York Art Fair 1981, one-man show 1981)
Open Studios, Brighton 1981 (one-man show)