Philip Dunn

Philip Dunn getting to grips with his subject, 2000
Getting to grips with his subject, 2000 (photo courtesy of Roger Bamber)

During this period Philip became heavily involved in organising and building the Exhibitions at the Corn Exchange for Brighton Festival, until these exhibitions became "too popular" for that particular artistic dictatorship, which preferred its camp more concentrated.

Never one to hold his light under anything other than a deckchair, when fellow artist, Ned Hoskins invited him to join the Fiveways Artists' Open Houses, making it "Five at Fiveways", Philip jumped at the chance of sometimes having his cobwebs scrutinised by hordes of muddy-booted and apparently penniless critics intent only on helping themselves to cuttings from his prized collection of geraniums. Mostly though he enjoyed it, as did the many thousands who visited his Millennium Sculpture Park and turned it into a car park. He and Carole had moved to Ditchling in 1996, where they had found enough space for a proper garden and where, for donkeys' years, they kept a couple of rescued donkeys

Exhibited at Brighton Festival Corn Exchange Exhibition 1984-1990
Fiveways Artists' Open Houses 1990-95, under whose auspices he celebrated the Millennium by opening his house and grounds in Ditchling as a sculpture park in 2000.