Philip Dunn

No longer up Ship Street, 2007
No longer up Ship Street, 2007 (photo by Carole-Anne White)

After 25 years (and 1 day) there, Window Gallery moved out of the Brighton Lanes area and, after cruising for a couple of years or so, eventually made landfall in Ditchling at exciting new premises at the Turner Dumbrell Workshops. However, before being ready to open, Philip suffered a 12 minute cardiac arrest, after which he surprised himself by regaining consciousness at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, under one of his own pictures that he had signed and titled "Reflecting on Former Glories". While he was recovering, Philip's closest friend and Window Gallery's unicycling handyman and picture framer, Stephen Barker, died suddenly of a stroke, while on a train in Portugal, at the age of 55.

Carole and Philip, therefore, took on the framing tasks between them for the next 3 years, although Carole was struggling with the ever deeper depression from which she had suffered for decades. Tragically, one morning, she took her own life. This has, of course, left Philip abandoned, alone and adrift for the foreseeable future. Therefore, any ships that pass his bow in the night are sternly but kindly requested not only to skim over, but also to take on board some of the information to be found by following this link, with at least the same enthusiasm that they would have for plucking a refugee from an otherwise watery grave. After all, we are all in the same boat. That is, until the Refugee Plucker comes.

RIP Stephen Barker (6 October 1954 - 23 April 2010)
Window Gallery opened at Turner Dumbrell Workshops, Ditchling, 1 May 2010
RIP Carole-Anne White (31 January 1954 - 25 April 2013)