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    While clearing out his studio, Philip came across his original drawings of these three deckchairs, which he had dated 15 April 1981. Partly, this was because that is when he had done it but, mainly, because Matthew had given him a date stamp and Philip did not know what else to do with it. Even though he had started on this subject over 30 years before, what with one thing and another, it still took Philip the best part of yet another year to complete the painting, but he was determined it would be finished, one fine day!


    Original painting 

    Acrylic on canvas: 559 x 813 mm (22 x 32 ins)



    Giclée Reproduction Framing Options

    When skilfully mounted, signed by the artist and framed, giclée reproductions become lasting souvenirs and make wonderful presents for family and friends. For Philip's recommendations on framing please see right.


    Canvas Options

    Ready for stretching, giclée reproductions on canvas are signed by the artist and look like original paintings, even to Philip, when mounted and framed.

    Canvas giclées are state of the art, ink-jet prints on canvas.

    Signed by the artist in paint on the image.
    Titled on label at back. Please see details to the right.


    Contact us for more framing options.

    One Fine Day

    PriceFrom £35.00
    •   Paper Size Image Size Frame Size
      Small 177 x 238 132 x 198 248 x 305
      Medium 292 x 426 254 x 380 406 x 508
      Large 543 x 765 470 x 705 692 x 908
      Canvas 660 x 990 + 50 border    
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