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Notice of No November Nuptials Now

Hi folks,

Last night's announcement by the overprivileged buffoon in charge of the headless chickens in our "Government by U Turn", means that the two week lockdown, which was strongly advised but adamantly rejected two weeks ago, has, as a result, been extended to at least four weeks. This will be imposed from this Thursday and will, of course, mean that Veryan and I will have our wedding, that had been scheduled for Saturday week, postponed until well after restrictions are sufficiently lifted, assuming that there is not the usual U turn two weeks later.

As you can imagine, both of us are upset by this...

...and here's Veryan, all bright and sparkling, when we were happily looking forward to tying the knot...

...and here she is, with her batteries apparently removed, on hearing our glorious leader's announcement.

Veryan wishes me to say that I am taking this more stoically. However, as I am not a Tory minister, barefaced lies don't come easily.

I can only hope that we can announce a new date soon.

Stay safe and well,

Philip Xx

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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2020

So happy for you both! Love a dose of Serendipity! xxx

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